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NOENCO offers 100 packages of help!

NOENCO offers 100 packages of help For maritime business in Norway, Denmark and Sweden. Under the motto: “We must help each other” NOENCO does not bring you money – as does the government. No, NOENCO comes with something that may prove to be even more valuable to you – 100 help packages of 60 minutes […]

NOENCO does shorepower-analysis at Port Of Skagen

Analysis is to map the potential towards more shorepower solution at Port Of Skagen #NOENCO performs analysis for the Port of Skagen in a project around electrification of the port. Assistance from Aarhus University. The goal is to reduce emissions, CO2 and reduce noise levels at the port.The analysis must account for the potential for […]

Danish engineers does fleet-optimizations in Norway

Noenco assists norwegian and danish shippingcompanies in becoming more green and in reducing emissions. Noenco assists Norwegian and Danish shipowners through the rule jungle when they want to make the ships greener and optimize operations. The Danish machinist Niels Dal is in the middle of the Danish and Norwegian maritime industry on a daily basis. […]

NOENCO at DanFish in Aalborg 9. – 11. Oktober 2019

Meet NOENCO at DanFish in Aalborg. The fair is aimed at both the industry’s large as well as small practitioners, and focuses primarily on equipment for the fisherman himself, his ship and fishing gear. NOENCO is at DanFish to create new contacts and to nurture existing ones. At the fair we meet approx. 400 Danish […]

NOENCO is welcomed at maritime epicenter at Skagen Harbour

At our new address – a sea of ​​interesting activities takes place. The address houses: – Skagen Skipperskole – training of sailors and fishermen. – Fiskeriforening Skagen, Region Nord. – NOENCO – Maritime independent consultancy The nearest neighbor is the sea! Wish NOENCO good luck at the new address. KUTTERVEJ 13, 9990 SKAGEN #maritimeindustry #shipping #gogreen […]

NOENCO certified by Danish Technological Institute

The Danish Technological Institute has recently approved and certified NOENCO. NOENCO currently has an A + B license as an energy auditor for large companies. Companies larger than 250 employees // turnover greater than 50M euros Audit complies with EU Energy Efficiency Directive No. 1212 of 19/11/2014 – for mandatory energy audits in large companies. […]

NOENCO at Nor-shipping in Oslo 2019

You can meet NOENCO at NorShipping – the hub for maritime business This is where the maritime industry meets every two years. NorShipping is the natural hub for decision makers from around the world. New connections, businesses and collaborations are created and open up new business opportunities! HALL-E; E03.26 Save energy; reduce emissions? Give us […]

NOENCO on NOx-fond suppliers list.

Affiliation with NHO in Oslo In July 2018, NOENCO was approved by the DNV & NOx Foundation as the preferred Consulting Company in Norway in relation to: NOx applications; The statutory NOx action reporting; Projects related to current NOx legislation; NOx issues. The approval is valid for both Shipping and Industry + onshore / offshore […]

DanFish International in Aalborg 2017

NOENCO is on DanFish; 11. 12. og 13. October. The fair is aimed at both the industry’s large as well as small practitioners, and focuses primarily on equipment for the fisherman himself, his ship and fishing gear. At DanFish you will find delegations from more than 25 countries and on a stand area larger than […]

NOENCO at Nor-Shipping; Lillestrøm, Norway.

This week, NOENCO participated for the first time at Nor-Shipping i Lillestrøm, Norway. Participation in NOR-Shipping provides inspiration, a look at the latest technology and a chance for an informal network with suppliers, customers and future partners. Nor-Shipping is considered a leading and most important event within Shipping and Maritime Industry in Norway. This year, […]