30 percent increase in measured CO2 results

NOENCO provices clients 30% progress on CO2-reductions

Sea a clip from the most recent board meeting?
– NOENCO’s #CO2 result for 2020 activities is now in place.

Through solid collaboration with customers and industry suppliers; we have succeeded with more than 30% progress, compared to the year before.

– Shipping and Fishing take up the most
– It’s great being a part of the ‘bubble of ideas’ and thereby creating value at the many companies that NOENCO helps.

So how much is 40,000 tons of CO2 really? Does this amount do anything at all?
Based on the Danish Energy Agency’s corrected CO2 emission figures; 40,000 tonnes of CO2 roughly corresponds to 17.700 M3 of oil.

This means that in collaboration with customers, NOENCO has in 2020 ensured good experiences corresponding to 17.700 M3 of oil.
Or good experiences in the form of costs that now instead become the bottom line.
A wonderful thought we and many shipowners think.

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