NOENCO is primarily aimed at companies in the maritime transport and fisheries segment.
NOENCO offers efficient and targeted energy advisory work.

We focus on our customers’ business, and always work with a direct and straightforward access to the tasks.
We specialize in consulting within energy optimization and energy conversion.

Based on calculated energy optimization, we specify the things that your company can do to optimize energy use and reduce operating costs and emissions.
This strengthens your future competitiveness and your financial foundation, and makes you more competitive in the face of a future with increasingly stringent environmental requirements from both authorities and customers.

NOENCO helps your company with Technology Clarification – before you place an order
NOENCO conducts energy screening of all types of industries at sea and on land. Where is the potential for optimization?
NOENCO is responsible for the energy report. Energy saving, payback time, investment, savings. Report is prepared for application for grant, if possible.
NOENCO handles your application for energy subsidies. NOx-application. ENOVA application, Energy saving scheme in Denmark, EU rules, innovation funds to some extent.

Customers experience and ensure a smooth and streamlined process with NOENCO.
For us and our customers, it is the results that count. Our advice is based on professional knowledge, quality, credibility and the desire to help Norway a little closer to the goal of becoming a low-emission society.