NOENCO offers 100 packages of help!

NOENCO offers 100 packages of help

For maritime business in Norway, Denmark and Sweden. Under the motto: “We must help each other”

NOENCO does not bring you money – as does the government.
No, NOENCO comes with something that may prove to be even more valuable to you – 100 help packages of 60 minutes of personal advice.
The advice can be used to turn ideas on how to survive the Corona crisis, but more importantly:
– How you can secure the future of the company’s profitability and at the same time get ready BEFORE it all starts again.

Send an email to and tell us a little about your challenges and what you expect to get out of our conversation.
There are a total of 100 help packages and 60 minutes of personal counseling with Niels Dal, by phone, Teams or Whatsapp.