Producttanker goes green – inside out

HALTBAKK and NOENCO on energy-analysis

WHITNAVIGATOR and NEONCO have started a collaboration on energy analysis of the 69.6 m large product tanker.

The ship belongs to Shippingcompany Haltbakk, and is a 10-year-old vessel.
Following the recent acquisition in England, the intention is for the ship to be launched as soon as possible on the coast of Norway and in the North Sea basin.

The company supplies oil products for shipping, offshore installations and other units in motion. WHITNAVIGATOR will be part of Haltbakk’s continued business on oil delivery.
The company focuses on ensuring a low environmental impact and on maintaining a future low cost level – in a competitive market.

The energy analysis is a systematic review of WHITNAVIGATOR with a view to identifying:
✅Energy savings
✅CO2 savings
✅NOx tax savings.

The energy analysis creates an overview of the ship’s potential for emission reduction and energy savings.
This means that the Company can easily decide which input it wants to realize and work on.
The analysis is further adapted so that it meets the NOx Fund’s rule requirements for ACTION REPORT on board member vessels. (Of which all members are obliged)

The analysis work is started immediately; while the ship is at shipyard. In this way, the most profitable inputs can already be realized at the shipyard before the ship is commissioned.

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