New NOx-fond measures

NOx-fond doubles support-rate pr. kilogram NOx reduced

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The NOx fund has just introduced a support rate of NOK 400 / kg NOx-reduced  – on all types of measures.
The change in procedure influences on measures, that until now have had a low support-rate, such as NOx purification with SCR and energy efficiency, now will have their support rate doubled from NOK 200 to NOK 400 / kg NOx reduced.
As always, the maximum support is 70% of the investment cost.

The following clarifications also apply to the change:
1) Applies to new applications from and including those that were considered at the board meeting 17.2.2021.
2) Undecided measures that have been promised from and including 1.1.2018 are given the opportunity to revise treatment on request.
3) Existing commitments from and including 1.1.2018 that have been decided, but not fully verified, are given a 400-rate verification, but without a change in the maximum commitment amount.
4) For fully verified cases that have been given a commitment from and including 1.1.2018, the applicant can, upon request, receive an updated verification with a 400-rate – but without a change in the commitment amount.

NEONCO believes that the change in support rates could lead to more applications. During the corona period, many projects have been canceled and postponed.