Affiliation with NHO in Oslo

In July 2018, NOENCO was approved by the DNV & NOx Foundation as the preferred Consulting Company in Norway in relation to:

NOx applications; The statutory NOx action reporting;
Projects related to current NOx legislation; NOx issues.

The approval is valid for both Shipping and Industry + onshore / offshore installations.
NOENCO is the first Norwegian Consultancy to obtain this approval for these specific areas since the NOx scheme was established in 2008.
The NOx Fund currently consists of 15 cooperating business organizations for the NOx agreement 2018-2025.

– Byggevareindustriens Forening
– Fiskebåt
– Hurtigbåtforbundet
– KS Bedrift
– Kystrederiene
– NHO Luftfart
– NHO Reiseliv
– NHO Sjøfart
– Norges Fiskarlag
– Norges Rederiforbund
– Norsk Fjernvarme
– Norsk Industri
– Norsk olje og gass
– Næringslivets Hovedorganisasjon
– Sjømat Norge