Energy-audit provides shipowner with multiple suggestions towards cost-reduction.

Freightvessel travelling northern european waters heading towards green future.


Energy savings

5.224.280 kWh/Year

Energy Savings

2,68 years


1499 tons/year

Co2 reduction

Energy Screening of time charter vessel traveling northern european waters.
Owner seeks overview of possible energy saving projects and ideas towards cost-optimization and reduction of CO2 emissions.

Potentials are listed and calculated.Elbwave is a container vessel build 2011 in China.

Main Engine MAN, 9000 kW.
3 x aux. engines; 570 kWel .
Vessel has CPP and normally operates in fixed engine speed mode.
Main energy consumer would be the propulsion unit with almost 75 % of all energy used in transit and on propulsion.

Several different energy action points have been identified onboard.
8 of these points are chosen as actions for further investigation. This is due to ROI being less than 5 years.