Propulsion replacement

Complying with tomorrow’s environmental requirements.
The company will ensure the future profitability with the latest engine technology.


Energy savings

13 Years

Return Of Investment

80 %

NOx- reduction

133,2 tons / year

Co2 reduction

A substantial 27% ENERGY-SAVING made possible by interconnection of ships technical systems.

Together with Tromsø-based fishing-company;
NOENCO & MAN-ES assists owners in ambitious vessel- and propulsion-upgrade.
Product quality is hereby maintained at high standards also in coming years, thus ensuring future profitability, low operations costs and a very competitive 2020-mindset.

=> Imagine complete overview by uncovering your vessel potential and thereby moving costs to bottomline!

=> Imagine having all available proven facts on savings potential prior to ordering, permitting decision making on a sound basis !

NOENCO brings onboard #Energy #efficiency and #NOx-reductions to any vessel.

240.000 hours of DEUTZ-engine; fixed-speed propeller and massive gearbox.
TIER3-propulsion-system, process-upgrades, SCR-system, variable speed shaft-gen and other various engine-room lifehacks.

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