Overview of energy consumption onboard

Systematic work with efficient energy usage


Energy savings

169.200 kWh/Year

Energy Savings


Points of measure

44,2 tons / year

Co2 reduction

Training Ship Sørlandet in quest of reducing their energy consumption
THis is intended on a daily basis; but also in regards of a more complete overview of the onboard current consumption of energy.
The ship operates all year round and sails all over the world and therefore also acts as an ambassador on behalf of Norway.
Being able to sail as green as possible is therefore important in the organization and for the operation of Sørlandet!

Initiation of energy management!
The ships management and NOENCO reviews the ship with a view to a possible potential for optimization.
NOENCO assists Sørlandet with applications for subsidies towards partial financing of the project; and for obtaining prices for the installation of equipment necessary for the start-up of energy management on board.
Energy management presupposes the establishment of an action plan with activities and measures through teaching of crew and ship management.
One realizes planned measures and activities. Implemented measures are measured for the level of effect by checking the parameters measured on board.