Brusøyskjær is rebuilt to save money and the environment

Increasingly higher NOx taxes were a triggering factor for investing in a more environmentally friendly solution onboard


Energy savings

1.800.000 kWh/Year

Energy Savings

2,2 years

Return Of Investment

476 tons / year

Co2 reduction

Ivan Ulsund Shipping Company in Rørvik will, among other things, install NOx cleaning, and upgrade the main engine and also do a conversion for the so-called variable frequency of the shaft-generator. All the measures leads to lower NOx and CO2 emissions and thus also reduced taxes for the shipping company.

One of the goals has been to meet the emission requirement in the IMO Tier III standard.The most important measure is NOx purification.
Selective Catalytic Reduction Technologies (SCR) reduces emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) using a catalyst. The SCR system satisfies the requirements of IMO Tier III.
The company has also opted for a so-called Imo Tier II upgrade on the main engine. This involves, among other things, replacing the charge air cooler and a new type
fuel valves.

Calculations behind
For the NOx-application, the company received help from the consulting agency #NOENCO.
On the basis of information from the shipping company, NOENCO has done an estimate of the expected benefits of various environmental measures on «Brusøyskjær».
The report suggests, among other things, that the shipping company can save a little over 150,000 liters of fuel a year with floating frequency alone.

NOENCO proposed a number of measures to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. If the shipping company had gone for all the measures, they will have saved
180,000 liters of fuel. With that, they would have a NOx reduction of 45 tonnes of NOx and 476 tonnes of CO2 a year.
An estimate shows one savings of NOK 870,000 a year on fuel and NOK 385,000 a year on NOx tax.
Exactly what the decision will be remains to be seen.