Systematic energy review og Fishcarrier

The NOx action plan forms the basis for green investments.
Green sailing, new customers, image boost.


Energy savings

30 days/year

Extra days at sea

80 %


1223 tons / year

Co2 reduction

Potential clarification for Fishcarrier;
240 annual sea days. Coastal sailing, reduced speed and many arrival / departure routines.

The company’s basic business idea is based on resource optimization via shipping with fish waste for use in gas production.
It is therefore of great importance that resources for the operation of the company’s ships are also used as appropriately as possible.

The NOx action plan is used for further risk assessment of intended investments on board.

– Location of the “low-hanging fruits” – Energy optimization potentials?
– What value does identified Energy-potentials on board have?
– What might the be in order to realize on board potentials..?

Equipment upgrades, routine changes & technology renewal.