Pre-purchase inspection and Energy-audit.

Norwegian costal freightvessel heading towards green future.


Energy savings

4.708.060 kWh/Year

Energy Savings



1252 tons/year

Co2 reduction

Pre-purchase inspection and Energy-audit. Norwegian costal freightvessel. Port of Stavanger.

Prior to investing in vessel and/or vesselupgrade.
Shipping Company is here seeeking an overview of possible onboard energy saving projects.
The consciousness towards cost-optimizasion and NOx/CO2 emission savings are of paramount importance to both Shipping Company as well as customers to Shipping Company.
What potentials may be found onboard a Cargo/multi-purpose vessel – build in 2007?

The vessel is fitted with ME MaK 1980 kW.
2 pcs. aux. engines; Scania –  296 kWel.
Vessel is fitted with CPP and operates mainly at fixed engine speed mode. Due to shaft generator.

Company is planning to install new and more powerful bow- and stern-trusters.
Taken into consideration is the main vessel operation along the Norwigien cost line. Transporting a variety of goods.
Main energyconsumer would be the propulsion unit. Almost 90 % of all energy is used in transit and towards propulsion.

Initial business analysis concerning a total of 8 inputs provides an onboard potential of no less than than 24% CO2 emissions reduction.
Different project-technologies are offered finansiel support of as much as 23 mio. nkr. from the Norwegian NOx-fond.
Additional funding can be provided and sorted frm Norwegian ENOVA. As much as 4 mio. nkr. from Enova as support to energy optimization, batteryinstallment and shorepower solutions.

A side effect of this great potential and possibility of riskrelief will be the lowering of annual emissions-tax. NOx-tax.
In addition, a yearly fuelsavings cost of 24% relocated on company bottomline.