Energy Screening secures onboard overview

Ensuring focus on cost-efficient operations has become increasingly important.


Energy savings

2.2 Years

Return Of Investment


Number of entries

1.161 tons / year

Co2 reduction

Why do shipping companies choose to collaborate with NOENCO?
– Case from 2019 is a great example, and where client has multiple international activities in North Sea within renewables and oil/gas.

For the shipowner; ensuring focus on cost-efficient operations has become increasingly important in terms of being ‘attractive’ in a competitive market towards clients and contracts.
Low operations-costs, proven by a 3rd party advisory, enables shipowner towards more long-term agreements as well as winning more contracts with new clients.

Maintaining and boosting company image is measured today not only on great service and punctuality. New bottom line is centered on environmental efforts also.

– Proof of effort
– Commitment towards environment
– Company green profile

Has become a must within an international arena!

Together with shipowner, NOENCO seeks to identify vessel potential within energy effeciency and reduction of Co2 + NOx emissions.
Well kept and state of the art 1990-engineroom. Dual main engines (Sulzer V12+R6) with shaft-generators; one genset.

Looking into – Propulsion and powertrain. Electronics. HVAC-systems. Heat recovery. Compressor-units. Pump-VLT’s. Electric system.
And so much more!