NOx-actionplan secures 70% subsidies on total project investment

NOx-fond + ENOVA-fond application maxed out due to spotless documentation from NOENCO and MAN-ES


Energy savings

801.130 kWh/Year

Energy Savings



213 tons/year

Co2 reduction

Fishing vessel Herøyhav is on the quest to reduce NOx- and CO2 emissions. The Herøyhav was launched in 2013.
Prior to project, no SCR was installed together with the Herøyhav’s main engine. SCR is now to be fitted in order to realize NOx reductions when the main engine is in operation. When in operation, the mail enigine mainly supplies the ship with the necessary energy for propulsion and production of needed electricity.
Regarding SCR; main priority is towards the main engine.

To further reduce NOx- and CO2 emissions.
Optimizing the ship’s propulsionsystem by upgrading the propeller controls with a new system from supplier MAN Energy Solutions.
In addition, installment of a new rudder-bulb is decided; in order to minimize loss of propulsion in rudder area.

Regarding Shore Power solution;
Limitation is experienced, due to current shore power connection, which at Herøyhav is 125 amps.
Ambition at Herøyhav is to increase the shore-power-connection, and to secure active operating while at port can be handled using electricity, supplied from shore power connection.

From norwegian legislator ENOVA; The Herøyhav has applied and was given co-financing. Max possible amount. Based on current legislation.

Form norwegian NOx-fond; Fishing Company was blessed with the highest possible level of co-finansing. A total of 70% of the entire project-cost.

The swift and hazzle-free process. The impressive recognition given by Norwegian State and authorities.
This is in outline reasoned within the level of detail in documentation and the nuanced presentation of evidence towards legislators.
Furthermore due to the ambition level from Herøyhav Fishing Company, but also MAN Energy Solutions and NOENCO Energy Consluting Agency.