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Money; Economy; NOENCO

The latest newspaper from Fiskeri Tidende is with the theme ‘MONEY & ECONOMY’ as its focus in the middle section.
Here we – together with FiskeriTidende – focus on the theme and articulate some of the considerations that follow in the wake of fishing business …
⭐️The importance of securing the future profitability of the fishery
⭐️Possibilities and decision on an informed basis.
⭐️Does the investment have the company’s expectations of profitability.
On page 2 there is news from Norway, and you can read about Ulsund Fishing Company.
An ambitious, goal-oriented and environmentally conscious fishing company.

The Company moved significant costs to the bottom line, at the same time as the fishery became significantly greener.
In the case of Ulsund, it is the complexity of the synergy of the overall input that creates the good case in the shipping company. Propulsion, Other machinery, automation, fishing equipment, process.
In 2019, NOENCO together with the fisheries identified energy savings corresponding to a total of 12,000 m3 of diesel oil (12 million liters). We are trying to break the record again this year ..
🐟And we are the only independent consulting company that to date has obtained the NOx Fund’s supplier approval for fishing, shipping, oil-gas and heavy industry.